Strategic Planning

We’ve worked with dozens of organizations, large and small, to develop meaningful and impactful strategic plans. Let us help you to build a concise plan that provides a clear path forward for your organization.  We will map out a creative and inclusive process and provide objective and professional facilitation that will result in achievable and measurable long range goals.


Community-Based Planning & Facilitation

WRH Consulting has proven skills and expertise in facilitating community-based planning initiatives. Whether its civic planning, agency renewal/restructuring processes, or multi-stakeholder events, we can help you to achieve positive change using safe, inclusive and engaging approaches.


Operational/Tactical Planning

Operational or tactical planning is a key step in moving from high level goals and objectives to specific actions that can be measured and monitored. Whether as a stand-alone process or as a follow-up to strategic or community-based planning, we can help you to develop detailed and actionable plans that ensure clarity and accountability.

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