Testimonials old

“Aldergrove Neighbourhood Services has been fortunate to work with WRH Consulting.  The service we received far exceeded our expectations.  Warren is professional, personable, and above all, he has a vast knowledgeable of the Human Services sector.  His company goes above and beyond to offer support and advice whenever needed.  It was great to know that I could ask Warren anything and he would go out of his way to find an answer for me.  He not only provided answers for us, but also educated and mentored our agency to do better and be better.  Our experience with this company has been an absolute pleasure.  You won’t regret your decision to work with WRH Consulting.”Karen Custodio
Aldergrove Neighborhood Services

“Kelowna Community Resources has contracted with WRH Consulting on a number of occasions to conduct program evaluations as well as provide group facilitation using a community development process. We have always found Warren and his team to be thorough, professional, ethical, respectful and committed to any project they undertake.  His work is completed on time, is well presented and greatly valued by both KCR and our funding bodies.  I highly recommend WRH to any organization wanting professional high quality process and product, carried out with knowledge of our sector and sensitivity to our work.”

Bill Downie
Kelowna Community Resources


“Kim is a wonderful facilitator. She is articulate, has a working frontline knowledge, history in the community living movement, is able to be frank and has the ability to ask the hard questions and create a place for thoughtful discussion. She knows when to let a group go in unplanned directions and when to bring them back to focus. She is results focused and always delivers!”

Ellen Tarshis, ED
Community Living Victoria

“We have used Warren’s expertise to assist our organization in many diverse topics. He has unique experience and expertise enabling him to provide support in variety of areas that can assist organizations in reaching their highest potential, including: accreditation, outcomes measurement and management. He is professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable and has the ability to explain complex concepts in easy to understand terms. I recommend Warren to my peers knowing that he will meet and exceed their expectations.”

Jeremy Welder
Okanagan Boys & Girls Clubs

“The Federation has engaged Warren to work with our staff team on a wide range of projects over the past four years. He is our ‘go to’ person for any project that requires any combination of knowledge and skills in project management, group facilitation, evaluation and research, and analysis and reporting. He is superb in all areas. Beyond this, he brings to any team a positive attitude, creativity, and a deep commitment to do great and meaningful work. He has helped us launch new applied research projects and served as the project coordinator for an extensive review of child and youth residential care services in BC. In all our work together, Warren has helped forge the conditions for success – and has been a complete joy to work with.”

Jennifer Charlesworth
Executive Director, Core BC

“We greatly appreciated Kim’s strengths-based approaching, and honing in on what’s really important in our strategic planning session.  Her background in non-profits, understanding of the political climate, and facilitation skills were true assets to support our organization to set goals based on what we do well, while minding the context of the challenges around us.  We would recommend Kim to other groups looking to bring their heart back into strategic planning.”

South Okanagan Victim Assistance Society

From a recent three day performance measurement workshop:

“Warren presents the information that is understandable. Great workshop!”

“Thanks Warren. You were able to present the information in a clean, entertaining way. I have finished these three days feeling somewhat energized and ready to get back to focusing on program outcomes and talking to staff and getting them back “on board” with CARF language.”

“Excellent presenter. Presented with humour and gentle approach. Excellent vocal skills.”

“Great presentation Warren: engaging and relevant to all – worked with the crowd.

Obvious that Warren knows and lives what he teaches. Thank you. Open to constant feedback and completely aware of classes’ capacity to learn. Thank you- job well done.”

“Excellent presentation. It really tied everything together for me. I can now close the loop and make meaning of the information gathered.”

“Kim and Warren are WONDERFUL consultants…for many reasons!! Individually, they have strong skill sets and diverse experiences and knowledge bases to draw upon. As a team, they work in a complementary, coherent manner that maximizes their individual talents and strengths. Both are trusted, well-known  friends to the Community Living sector and other movements that advance community development and meaningful change.  Kim and Warren’s facilitation skills are exceptional! They create a process wherein all stakeholders are fully engaged, participating, respected, valued, and listened to. Furthermore, they are committed to working with an organization to support and celebrate its story. Once Kim and Warren have met with stakeholders to gather information and feedback, they generate a robust, insightful, and transformative document.  Although we knew the quality of Kim and Warren’s work was very high, it still exceeded our expectations! We would highly recommend Kim and Warren (and WRH Consulting)!”

Tanya Sather

Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion

“Warren’s training and guidance, as well as the insight he provided, made the process a positive experience and paved the way for a successful 3 year accreditation for our agency.”

Sue Bontaine

Community Living Haldimand

“Warren has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the child welfare area. He is culturally sensitive, considerate, respecful and very approachable. He brings humor and a laid-back style to his presentations making him a pleasure to work with. His work is exemplary. The documents he has prepared for us have always been an accurate reflection of what we represent. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and have appreciated all he has and continues to do for us.”

Vera Sayese

Peter Ballantyne Child & Family Services